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Representative Mikio Goto


While I was a student in Kobe University, I traveled around the world and, especially, got strongly impressed by the issue of poverty and the human trafficking in Asian countries. It became my first occasion to motivate to start the supporting projects by myself.

After graduating university, I once stopped my projects, and started to work in Kansai Electric Power Co,. Inc. and ORIX cooperation. After that, I launched Japan Asia Exchange Foundation and restarted my supporting projects especially in the Indonesia peninsula.

My motto is “To see what is right and not to do it is to lack courage.”

Mikio Goto

How do you measure your one-year?
The amount of your saving? The number of “high distinction” in your academic transcript?

In case of myself, these used to be “Annual income” or “the percentage of my completion in the company”. In every year, I just have focused on achieving the goals settled by myself and satisfied only by these outcomes. However, it was my first visitation to Cambodia that made me feel empty. When I first visited there, not only no access to water and electricity, but also undeveloped infrastructures was conspicuous. National road route 1 was called as “Dancing road”.

Under such situations, people’s cloths and foods are not good quality. Children only see their faces screened out on the water because they have no mirrors and never have seen their faces on it.

I felt they were pity and even to sorry for them. However, my view has totally changed after I spent my times with them for a while.

They try to find their own happiness in their lives and their smile was never disappeared. If I turned my life and other many Japanese people’s lives, the miserable people are rather us, not them.

My favorite musical suggest “love” as one criterion to measure one-year. I cannot say outrage things, but just wish that people around me fill with smile.

How would you like to measure your one-year?

director Isamu Watanabe


Borned in Siga Prefecture, Graduated the department of economy, University of Siga
Although I was employed in the beauty companies after my university’s graduation, I heard my friend’s experiences on studying abroad and realized my narrow views. My decision was to establish the trading companies based on the knowledge getting I have achieved in the department of economy. After that, I met Mr. Goto, the representative of JAEF, shared his view and inaugurated the position of director.

Isamu Watanabe

Through my experiences in treading company, I could know various values and views of Asian people.

What we need to do is to know the facts which are happening in the Area and offer the opportunities to learn them and build the environment to promote their self-standing.

I am very happy to relate to the JAEF’s project as a director and can help the Japanese people’s visitations and learning in Asian countries as my life work.

General Information

The name of organization Japan Asia Exchange Foundation
Registration of Establishment in November 2010
The type of organization Non - Profit Organization

Shiroyamahills JTtrusttower Bldg. 27F, Toranomon 4ー3ー1, Minato-ku, Tokyo

【Cambodia Office】
Watdomnak Village, Salakomrouek Commune, Siem Reap City,
Siem Reap Province

Legal Adviser Harukaze Sogo Law Office / Takashi Watanabe
Email info@jaef.jp
The purpose JAEF aims to promote the mutual understanding in Asian regions and construct the peace relation between Asian countries through the exchange of young fellows who will live in next generation.
The main project
  1. (1) Asian young fellow exchange project
  2. (2) Social development project
  3. (3) Childcare project
  4. (4) Academic and cultural exchange project
  5. (5) Casual exchange event for membership
  6. (6) Friendship exchange program among members

Articles of Incorporation:
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