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International Project

Overseas Internship Program Educational development program Mine-Clearing Operation (1for10) Water supply programs

Overseas Internship Program

We hold International Internship Programs for Asians youths who will be the next generation to lead the world. This program aims to strength the bonds between Japanese students and Cambodian students by participating activities throughout the program.

Especially in Cambodia, by the coordination within the Angkor University in Siem Reap, we hold exchange programs with the Cambodian students who are belonging in the Japanese course.
We are now also attempting to coordinate similar projects between universities in Laos and Vietnam.

Seang Nam氏


Angkor University President Mr. Srang Nam

Because of the civil war since 1970, all of sectors in the Cambodia were destroyed and people were filled with unforgettable sorrow for this. After that, we stood up again for taking back our smile and reconstructing our country. A lot of foreign aids were the important to recover our country from the civil war and Japan is one of the main donor countries in which have given us great help. We are really thankful to JAEF's wonderful programs which focus on the international exchange. It is really important to contribute to world development and peace not only for this two countries but also whole Asian region through the youth exchange who will live in the future generation.


Educational development program


>Because of the modern educational system got destroyed by the damage of the Pol Pot revolution, the infrastructure of education is still not well prepared. Unfortunately, the children can only take 4 hours of classes per a day in order to a lack of teachers and dividing the class schedule into two. Also, the classes are often cancelled in rainy or windy days because of the poor structure of school buildings.

The quality of education is extremely low and the government had no other choice but to let students who graduated only middle school put in the position of teachers.

The construction of Children’s village

We are now moving forward for the project of “Children’s village” where children can learn and play freely to link to the hope of future. This project is not just a construction project of educational facilities, but a village where we manage and take responsibility on the sustainable education programs for the children.
Moreover, the Children’s village will not be a place just to give the chance to have education for the children, but also be a place where university students in Asian countries get their opportunities to gather and think about their futures.


Mine-Clearing Operation (1for10)


Today, it is said that more than 70 million mines are still buried in the world. Because of these mines, one person somewhere in the world lost their hands, legs and eyesight in every 20 minutes.

>Women and children are suffering from these mines. Moreover, the removal movements are not in progress, and mine lands exist next to schools and some families are living in those mine lands because there are no other places to live.

Program Contents

JAEF assure 10m² of safe land from landmine per one internship participant through the cooperation with landmine museum.
10m² is the space in which one children can play.

Cambodia Landmine Museum

Museum Director Mr. Aki Ra

When he was young, he buried a number of landmines as a child soldier in the military. After the war, he has removed more than 50 thousands landmines with the feeling of sorry to victims. Also, he is supporting the children who lost arms and legs. His over many years challenging was honored and he was nominated as the 2010 TOP 10 CNN HEROS.


Water supply programs


>What if round trip on foot, society get the water you do not know whether water safe there will be a distance of 3km from 1km a day to get water.


There are more than 11 billion people who have no access to clean water and two of thirds are the people who live in rural areas in Asia.

Program Contents

We are digging wells in the rural areas of Cambodia.
This project aims that children are released from drawing water, which is heavy work for them, and can spent their times for studying.


Domestic Project

Domestic project

We are sending secondhand cloths and non-standard products to Cambodia in free of shipping costs.

The collaboration project wiz NPO "Friends without a border"

The logistics of Cambodia is not well developed and individual delivering of materials by their hand limit the amounts of carrying at one time. We collect secondhand cloths and non-standard products from companies and send to Cambodia via NGO collaboration project “Friend without a border” directly. The effectiveness of this project is highly evaluated because it is free of shipping cost and the certain number of tour participants brought enough amounts of materials at one time.

What is "Friends without a border"?

“Friend without a border” established the non-profit Angkor child hospital and has organized. Since the hospital opened in 1999, they have approximately seen 350 patients in one day and the total number of visiting patients already reached to more than 800 thousands. The hospital has contributed to the decreasing of high mortality rate in Cambodia.

The collaboration project with elementary schools

We collaborated with elementary schools and supermarkets, and directly sent the materials corrected by them to Cambodia.

The district of Anlinben, one of our project sites, is very cold in early morning because it locates in high altitude and very close place to jungle. The cold temperature makes children’s health condition very bad. The aim of project is to protect children’s skin in order not to catch a cold and to avoid becoming malaria.